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Thanks for visiting my site! I'm Jenny and I'm a nature and wildlife photographer based in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Since I was a child, I've been fascinated by nature and the little things in the world around me. As I travelled the world and moved all over the place, not only did I take in all of the grand vistas and landscapes that were presented to me, but I also took the time to get down on the ground to examine things like moss and lichen growing on the side of a rock or the symmetry of a flower.  As I got older, I used point and shoot digital cameras and my phone to capture those moments in nature. After moving to Colorado in 2018, I took the phone and basic camera up a notch with some better photography equipment and really started to get serious about my photography. 

Now, here I am, sharing my view of the world with you. I hope you enjoy how I see the natural world around and I invite you to take a minute to really look at some of the little things that are easily overlooked.

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